The principle aims of the Gosnells Obedience Dog Club (Inc.) are:

1.  To train dogs to behave in a compatible manner which will enhance their acceptance into modern society.

2.  To make owners more aware of the responsibilities of being a dog owner.

3.  The promoting of and conducting of official Agility Trials.

4.  To promote goodwill and sportsmanship amongst members and other clubs with similar objectives.


1.  Dogs are to remain on lead at all times, except in controlled class work where off lead work is required. Dogs are not allowed off lead before or after class unless it is a supervised socialising session.

2.  Unsportsmanlike conduct of members and physical punishment of dogs will not be tolerated.

3.  Dog handlers MUST pick up their dog's droppings immediately from the training ground and dispose of in the bin provided.

4.  Dogs are not allowed to urinate in the vicinity of the kiosk area.

5.  Closed in shoes MUST be worn for training. 


7.  Bitches in season are not allowed in the vicinity of the grounds.

8.  Keep clear of tethered and crated dogs and dogs which have been secured in the backs of cars at all times.

9. Dogs must not be tethered to club equipment.

10. Membership badges must be worn at training classes.

11. 'Eye balling' of dogs is strongly disapproved of and immediate action must be taken to remedy any situation where aggression develops between two dogs.

12. Dogs must be supervised at all times and must not be allowed to "invade" another dog's space.

13.  Due to insurance restrictions, only financial members of the Club may bring their dogs onto the grounds to participate in training.
14.  Handlers and dogs must not use agility equipment unless they are under the instruction of a Club trainer.

15.  No dog under the age of 12 months is to train in agility except in a supervised Basic Class.
       The only equipment these dogs may use in a Basic Class is: Training A-Frame;
      Channel Weavers; Training Dog Walk; Tunnels and Training See-Saw - no jumping at all.

16. Agility and obedience class participants must help set up and dismantle the equipment for their class.

17. No training equipment must be set up between the goalposts and the car park.  This area is to be left free to enable handlers to crate or tether their dogs.  The only training permitted in this area is PuppyTraining.

18. Under the terms of our agreement with the College, the Club may only use the main sports oval.  All other parts of the College grounds are out of bounds for the dogs.



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