Hoopers is a sport suitable for most breeds of dog from approx. 16 weeks of age to senior dogs. 
This sport is different to Agility, in that it is all ground based, so no jumping, hard landing etc, so more gentle on the joints.  
Dogs will run around barrels and gates and go through hoops and tunnels in a course.
You must be a current member of GODC to be able to participate in Hoopers.
Hoopers has been running at the club since Term 2, 2021 at this club. 
Hoopers runs on Tuesday and Friday Nights from 5.00pm for an hour per class, depending on level.
At the end of each Term we hold a Graduation Night where once you have sat a successful assessment,
members can receive a rosette for their attempted Level.

Before you decide that Hoopers is what you would like to do, there are a few rules that need to be understood.

• Dogs should be 16 weeks of age, or over, before they start Hoopers.
• They must have good recall when off leash.
• They should be leashed or penned between runs.
• Ensure you bring water, a lead and treats or a toy each time you train.
• They should also have a good stay/wait whilst you walk away a small distance.
• You need to be a current member of Gosnells Obedience Dog Club and be attending Beginner 1 obedience or have completed that level to participate in Hoopers.
• All hooper participants are expected to help the trainers erect and dismantle equipment each night.

Hoopers is trained predominantly off the lead therefore it is really important that dogs be under good verbal control
and do not take off to chase other dogs or birds in the area. 

We therefore recommend that if your dog has not already been through a few levels of Obedience Training, that you also train with our experienced Obedience Instructors on a Sunday morning to help improve their recall and sit/stays.
Hoopers is great also for senior dogs or retired dogs who have participated in other sports in the past like Agility,
as it is gentler on the joints as there is no jumping, spinning, leaping or back turning.


Lessons run for the length of each Term (9-10 weeks approx.), which includes an assessment night, then the following Friday night is a Graduation Night for everyone one to attend, whether successful or not. 
On these fun nights, Rosettes and Participation Certificates are handed out to everyone who sat assessment.  We all bring a plate to share on these nights and play games with our dogs.





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